Thursday, October 11, 2012

Loving, Reading, Watching, Thinking about, Listening to, Anticipating

I've been neglecting the blog. It's true. But you know how it is. One day you are blogging everyday, despite the dearth of anything of real value or contribution to record and the next day you are half remembering that you should be doing something productive, mid way through your cup of coffee while you drive along an empty road to work and an enormous deer runs out in front of your car in a graceful trot to cross the street and then you slam on your brakes as your life flashes before your eyes in a not so graceful trot and you come to the realization that you will have left nothing behind but a bunch of whiny, paltry observations about your tiny corner of the universe and that's when you remember that you should update your blog, if only to write something. You know how that is right?

Anyway, currently I'm

...loving: apples. I have eaten more apples in the last three weeks than I have ever eaten, ever. I don't know how explain this sudden, pomaceous abundance to my diet except to say that it is apple season here in NY and they are everywhere I look. At one point I had three bags in my fridge, one of red, one of golden and one of green. They were all small bags but shit, who the hell needs to eat that many apples?? Do I now get a free pass from visiting the doctor the rest of my life? How about a lifetime teacher's pet award? What other cultural phenomenon is associated with apples? Oh right, it may or may not be my fault that women are in pain when they give birth.

...reading: Michael Chabon's Telegraph Avenue and I'm about 100 pages in. I admit this was slow going at first but that has pretty much been true for all of the books by Chabon that I have read, probably about 3. However, one of those became one of my all time favorite books (The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay) and so I'm always apt to give his books a chance. I'm rarely disappointed and I can already see this story coming together. I was looking forward to reading this since it is one of SO MANY books to be published this year that made my "most anticipated" list. Seriously, nearly every one of my favorite living authors has come out with a book this year, affording me not only the joy of not waiting anymore but also the opportunity to meet and listen to these authors give talks. The last one was John Irving at ALA this year. It will be hard to top this year in terms of sheer awesomeness being given to the world in the form of literature. I'm so dramatic.

...watching: as recommended to me by a friend, the films of Iranian director Bahman Ghobadi, the bulk of which are incredibly sad and beautiful. The best one I've seen so far is No One Knows About Persian Cats  which has both a fascinating setting and a pretty unbelievable back story. I'd recommend it to everyone. The other films of his that I've watched were equally important and beautiful but the kind of importance and beauty that tends to leave one....I don't want to say suicidally depressed but they leave you suicidally depressed.
In addition to that, I'm also watching Gossip Girl on Netflix because sometimes it is okay to indulge in guilty pleasures as a chaser to doing more important things, like updating blogs. And OMFG Serena is sooo stupid you guys!

...thinking about: a cute guy with a beard. Also, the to do list I crafted on my iPhone at about 5am this morning and how I have done three items so far and it isn't even lunchtime.

...listening to: Henry Purcell's Three Parts on a Ground because that particular piece makes me want to lie lazily on a chaise lounge in a powdered wig, drinking rose and drawing fake birthmarks on my face while simultaneously plotting clandestine affairs using the labyrinth in the west part of the palace grounds as a meeting point.

...anticipating: spending some time with the new baby over at Marianne's house. New babies are pretty much the only reason we still exist. See what I did there? Also, I'm anticipating an updated glog from Marianne about her progress in the Ralph's challenge since Ralph's shutters its doors in about three or four weeks. Last I heard she was on "M" but don't quote me on that.

...making me happy: The knowledge that the deer that prompted this entry is somewhere right now, munching on twigs and enjoying his life. I like to imagine that every time someone reads this sentence he pauses, looks up knowingly, and carries on chewing.

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  1. I hope you continue to enjoy the Chabon book. I couldn't finish it but you'll have better luck!