Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Inaugural Postie

Hey there, hi there, howya doing? This is the first post of my new blog. I'm not entirely sure where I want this blog to go, if anywhere but total world domination might be nice. And by "world domination" I really mean that my friends read it and have a chuckle or two. Also, I am a person who used to write all the time, creatively, personally, professionally, poetry on napkins kind of things and now, in the past say 8 or so  years I've slowly tapered off into what might be the ULTIMATE procrastination. (When will that be a reality competition? She who can procrastinate the longest will win the prize of never having to do that thing against which procrastination was applied.)
Each time I sit down to write something my mind either gets distracted, goes blank or I picture that scene from the Simpsons when Homer, wearing his "smart" glasses lies next to Marge in bed writing intently on a pad of paper something which is later revealed to be a robot on fire in a garbage can and laugh and laugh and laugh. Either way, I have not been writing anything of substance.

And now I can rest easy, knowing that I wrote so much substance right now I can taste it.

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