Thursday, October 6, 2011

What hell might be like

Man I'm complainy today.

Several months ago I mused that the walls of hell were lined with law serials, needing updated looseleaf parts. This was mainly due to the fact that I had to go through a large quantity of law serials where I work to see what needed updating. Yeah you know some people my age are making movies, travelling the world on the company dime or simply sitting at home eating pork rinds. Me? Oh I'm checking bookshelves to see if the law serials need updating. Or I was a few months ago.

I've amended my assertion to include book review publications. The walls of  hell are lined with law serials needing updated looseleaf parts and book review publications. Maybe it is because I have two jobs and I'm tired by the time I get to my second job. Maybe it is the mostly ass backward way they do almost everything there. Maybe my back really hurts today and I'm not in the  mood to be sitting up much less reading some review of a book that this place either is or isn't going buy based on everything BUT the review. Maybe I'm antsy because I'm on the cusp of a three day weekend and I really don't want to be here right now. Maybe the teenagers that are in here every day for hours and hours just laughing to themselves that are about to send me over the edge. Maybe I....I have completely forgotten what my point was going to be here. Oh right, I don't want to read any more book reviews. Frankly, I'd rather nosedive into a swimming pool full of mayonaise than look at another review publication.

I know when I am feeling stressed because I get really annoyed by really stupid things like I outlined in the paragraphs above. My comedown from Paris, my inevitable return to the doldrums of life and the ease of my first world life is apparently congealing into a large sized and rather painful knot in my lower back.
I think maybe I need to take up yoga again as often as I did it last winter. Three times a week. Unfortunately my very good yoga instructor got knocked up (why are babies such ruiners?) and I strongly disliked the woman who replaced her. I mean how exactly does one teach an hour of yoga in which no sweat is produced? Meh.

I'm really only posting this right now to avoid the stack of publications on my desk. THAT'S why this post is so lame.

Ah well, I'm going away this weekend to a murder mystery weekend for one of my best friend's bachelorette parties. I hope I'm the murdered one so I can spend the rest of the weekend drinking wine.


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