Friday, March 2, 2012

Access Denied.

As I type this, the group of women who sit outside my office are taking an online "security awareness" training that is required of all of us. This is noteworthy b/c the graphics of this training module look straight out of the 1992 film "The Lawnmower Man" which is known for its godawfulness as well as the tagline: ACCESS DENIED!" Seriously, why my company would put together something like this is a mystery. Not helping matters is that the four of them are taking the training at the same time but with slight delays in each of their computers. So there is an echo going on to accompany the weird, dated graphics and the alarming module titles including "You are Being Attacked" and "How Cyber Criminals Find You."


I've had a good week. Despite the chill in the air today, I'm psychically forcing the springtime through, not unlike Bella from those abhorrent Twilight books. (I'm not kidding. Her special vampire power was "thinking really, really hard." Seriously? Stephanie Meyer makes me stabby.) I digress. Good week.

The fates are working their ministrations in my favor lately and for that I am spilling over with gratitude. However, pessimist that I am at my very core,  I await a sacrificial demand. I'm hoping whatever is demanded can be paid in installments. And that they mail me coupons in advance. You never know what will be required from those tricksy fates.

My 18 day stretch comes to a close this evening. I was this close to having an entire weekend off but was called yesterday to work this Sunday. I could not refuse because, as a group of wise men from the 90s once said, "Cash rules everything around me."

I realize this entry seems a bit pointless but that's only because it is.

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