Saturday, March 24, 2012

That is not a fixed object

My "aunt" is in the hospital. I call her Tia even though she's my grandmother's cousin. So she's my cousin? I am fairly intelligent but get easily confused by family branches. Anyway she is in her 90s and was taken to the hospital because she got very ill in the middle of the night and when someone in their 90s becomes ill in the middle of the  night it is generally cause for concern. And I'm not sure if one has anything to do with the other, but in the last week there has been a bit of drama in my family involving my grandparents who live in Florida and all of that seemed to also come to a head on Friday. I spent most of the day feeling something akin to watching a fixed object in the sky and suddenly noticing it was bigger, brighter and much closer than you thought. Bracing for impact. That's what I'm going to be doing for the present.

When I got to the hospital yesterday evening, along with many other family members, my aunt looked fine. She didn't appear to have a fever or be in any real discomfort. This was relieving. So relieving that conversation drifted to what is going on in Florida. And because everything is dissolving into one long, real life version of Rashomon, it is pointless to recount it. Life needs a DVR for exactly this reason. That, and I need verification for a few things that happened between the years 1988-2012.

My brain is a big, soggy box that someone left by the dumpster. The only thing to do really parallels the only thing to do when you encounter such a thing in a real life dumpster near you: douse it in alcohol and set it alight.

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  1. LOL on the DVR it and so very true! I'm glad your aunt is doing okay :-)
    I've done the fixed object thing, but when the going gets real bad....I like to rock on the cold tiled bathroom floor for a while until I this is stupid and I truly am not THIS crazy....then i feel better.....LOL