Sunday, October 27, 2013

12:44 am

Here's a very brief interruption from the Spain blogs (which, btw, I work on almost every day but become ridiculously distracted) and one which is generated by a late night revelation that makes me feel as untethered as Ryan in that movie Gravity and also groping towards stability like, well, like Ryan in that movie Gravity. This interruption will take the form of three observations I am letting marinate at 12:45am.

1) I have sacrificed more of my own physical comfort in the name of my cats who, while I am sensitive to their affection for me, I fully understand would eat me if necessary. I don't understand why, when they are all up in my grill and I want to move, I don't for fear of "putting them out" somehow. Is this a cat's secret mind control power?

2) I should never let myself fall into a three hour nap, regardless of intense lack of rest the night before. I am articulating this now because when I do this again (and I will), I'll want a reference point before I fall into late afternoon sleep.

3) 12:44 am on a Sunday morning is just one of those hours I guess that you want to be on someone's mind. Or maybe just one particular person. This hour brings things into sharp focus. Things you realize all day long, every day but only savor in the silence of your apartment, alone at 12:44, well those things tend to grab you by the pajama lapels (shut up, I have them) and yank upward.

That's all. Back to staring into dark silence for a bit kind of like Ryan in the movie Gravity.

P.S. Everyone should see the movie Gravity.

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