Sunday, September 7, 2014

Knuckle crack

In an unheard of turn of events, I went out last night. It was to see a local cover band that I had heard about through friends. Turns out they are really, really good musicians and, possibly more important for a cover band, they are pretty great showmen. They have a schtick, certainly. But it works. And judging by the fans in attendance and their loyal following on Facebook, covering songs is working for them. I fully enjoyed their rendition of "In Between Days".I know that I had fun last night because I awoke hungover and with a stomach ache. It has been awhile since that's happened but if memory serves, that's an indication of a decent time out.

I haven't gotten too much accomplished today, my one day completely off for awhile. I cleaned my kitchen, got rid of some stuff. A few weeks ago I bought Krazy Glue for the first time ever and I've been applying it to everything. Doorknobs, umbrellas, my cat. I finally got around to fixing a pendant that broke last  year in Madrid when it was yanked from my neck as I leaned over the balcony of our apartment to see the street below. That was a five story drop and I raced down to the street to get it. I think I held on to it this whole time because I was just so impressed that I was able to find it on that cobblestone, high traffic street. Thanks to old krazy glue, it is fixed. I also got around to fixing a teapot, gifted to me by my mother, that my cats had knocked over about three years ago. I am the opposite of handy and generally, when something breaks in my apartment, I hold onto the pieces "just in case" I find within myself the urge and the impetus to fix it. Even on the rare occasions when that does happen, I end up totally unable to follow through, either through laziness or total ineptitude. So when I do end up being able to piece together something that was once broken, I feel so damn good. I get so proud of myself in the exact way that a kindergartner does when she crafts a turkey out of the traced silhouette of her palm. Art! Behold the beauty below.
Gobble gobble.
In case you were wondering, Krazy Glue is not the sponsor for this post. I just wanted to chronicle a lazy, hungover afternoon during which I was able to fix things. I admit that the world outside my apartment door is a little overwhelming at the moment. It is nice to be able to slap some glue on something in pieces and to have it be mended. It is exactly like a knuckle crack: satisfying and relieving, sometimes accompanied by a sigh.

I did venture out briefly to print up copies of my writing portfolio. The shop I went to was freaking bananas with harried parents and their sleepy eyed kids, piling school supplies into their carts. My trek into the store only lasted about 10 minutes but I was getting stressed out among all those damn kids. Damn kids and their futures ahead of them with their healthy pink lungs and all brain cells accounted for....damn kids.

I think it may be time to lie down for a bit. Happy Sunday.


  1. congrats on fixing your stuff. I admire that because I tend to want to throw things away when they break, after some undignified crying of course. Jeff likes to fix things and has accumulated a whole collection of glues, one for each job. Good for him.

    1. It takes me forever to get to projects, though! May as well just throw them out and save room!