Thursday, September 5, 2013

Anxiety french fries

I have been severely, unforgivably lax in the upkeep of this blog. It speaks more to the nature of my extreme busyness towards the end of this fleeting season than to my lack of character. As such, I demand forgiveness. Or at least, a temporary hall pass.

Summer is fleeing. I step outside and I smell the fall already in the air. I see the taps at my local favorite watering holes populated with pumpkin ales and I am reminded that it was just Memorial Day like, yesterday. I have not put away any pants/skirts/shoes that are white because a) I am in denial and b) I don't really care about wearing white after labor day. It is an arbitrary and stupid "rule."

Since I skipped out on my first day of the month post, I suppose I should include the list of movies. I hope you have a snack handy because the sheer length of this list is going to require a long moment to read through. Ready?

Dans Paris (2006)
On the Road (2013)
Admission (2013)
20 Feet From Stardom (2013)
I'm So Excited (2013)

Phew. I'm exhausted from that. In fairness, I took it upon myself to watch the first four seasons of Northern Exposure again so that ate up quite a bit of time, time that wasn't spent constantly going and doing and seeing and eating and drinking. This August was definitely one of the highlights of the year so far. I'd feel bad about my lack of cinema watching and book reading if it hadn't been.

I'd also feel bad about lacking in writing except for the fact that I leave for Spain tomorrow on a 15 day, long awaited, desperately needed vacation. This is a trip that I am positive, without really knowing for certain, that will be worthy of writing about (as if that has ever been a factor in what I blog about) and my sister and one of five other traveling companions is bringing along her computer so expect updates from the Mediterranean seaside. Or something.

For the next 24 or so hours, I'll pretty much be a nervous ball of energy. I already ate french fries in a fit of pre-travel anxiety. What should I eat next?

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