Sunday, December 8, 2013

Just when I thought I was out

In my infinite wisdom, I have decided to diet hardcore just in time for the holidays to deep fry all food items and set them down in front of my face at all times. Por ejemplo, I came into work this afternoon, after a particularly debaucherous evening last night, determined to be healthy and what is awaiting in the break room? Literally two large and full boxes of candy. Just endless candy of the best kind: Hershey bars, Nerds, Sweettarts. I feel like Michael Corleone.

In other news, I attended my first "advanced" yoga class yesterday morning. I was only one of two people in attendance and I was already intimidated. The other person in the class was a middle aged guy who moved around with a dancer's agility. Like most people who teach and attend the particular yoga studio I frequent he was really nice and even a little self deprecating and I was put at ease. Anyway I kept up and was even able to hold my headstand for a long time. And there ends my explanabrag. I realized recently that I always assume, when I'm successful at doing something, that I am doing it incorrectly. Is that a sign of low confidence? I also assume that if something comes easy to me, it is easy for everyone. Like the masters program I did for librarianship. I thought that was one of the easiest degree programs I've ever taken and I don't even really consider it a real masters degree. Though now that I really think about it, a decade of being a slave to the whims of the department of civil service may have deadened my accomplishments a bit. Anyway, advanced yoga is a lot like unadvanced yoga in that it is amazing and fun and you don't have to be good at it to enjoy it. This is a lesson that yoga teaches me, daily.

Last night I went to Port Jefferson to attend a beer tasting with some friends at the Port Jeff Brewing Company. There were some fantastic beers, the highlights being the peppermint porter and this brewery's Tripel, which was called H3. Port Jefferson was in the throes of the annual Charles Dickens festival and combined with the temperature which I would place at about "fucking freezing" degrees, the little tasting room was packed with swaddled beer tasters. Sometimes I really think that heaven will take the form of a tasting room. These micro breweries keep sprouting up all over Long Island which is a very good thing. It is also the reason I remain bewildered that people go to bars and order Budweiser. That beer is not any cheaper than the really, really good, locally sourced beer that is practically flowing down the streets. My neighborhood alone has two breweries and one "brewtique" that readily serves and sells local beers. Sometimes, when I'm embroiled in my usual "should I stay or should I go" battle royale, I'll make a list of reasons to stay. On each one of those lists are the words "local breweries in walking distance." I am not kidding. 

It is relatively quiet here at work today, offering me plenty of time to eat candy, which I'm trying not to do. We are going to be getting some weather later, possibly the first snowfall of the season. I want all the heavy snow to hold off until January so I can have some snow days off which is really the only thing winter is good for. I don't want any snow between now and Christmas because I have a flight to take and stuff to do and I fail to understand why the weather doesn't understand that.

I got nothing else.

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