Saturday, December 14, 2013


We had a staff holiday party yesterday at one of my jobs and I am going to blame all the free sugar I ingested on the fact that I forgot to post and had to cop out and reblog something I saw on Facebook. And I had to back date it. So I cheated basically. Sue me.

Today I am meant to go into the city for a small gathering of holiday revelers. It is snowing and promises to snow all day. While it's true that I'm feeling particularly holiday cheer (a mug of mulled wine and some gingerbread would NOT be an unwelcome addition to my day at the moment), I am trepidatious about trekking into Manhattan. It doesn't appear to be prohibitively inclement weather at the moment and if it stays as such, I'll go in. Seeing as I started this post at 11am and it is now 2pm and the snow is of the steady but unaccumulating kind, I'll be going in. Huzzah! I'll get to wear something sparkly and drink something fizzy. What else is life for? I hope Chadley will be there.

My mind is utterly blank today. I often question my motivation to blog every day on days like this, when I've got nothing to say. This is supposed to get me into the habit of writing all the time and to jumpstart my creativity in other writing. Aaaand sometimes that just doesn't work at all. I often wonder how I would fare if I chose to blog every day for a year. I have a very good feeling that I'd have to back date more than one post during those 365 days. I know a few people who have done something every single day for a year. They usually feel pretty good about it. I don't know if I could make that commitment. I don't know if I could make most commitments. I lose focus too quickly and become distracted easily. Hey, remember how great that band/movie "The Commitments"? See what I mean?!

There is a library program happening right now that is some musical performance. The sound is muffled from the main part of the library but I can still hear some trumpets, although they are slightly distorted. In fact, all I hear is the occasional blaring of the trumpets, making it sound like the Honeymooners' theme song over and over again. Yeah, I don't really like that song. However, in the pantheon of television theme songs, I suppose it could be worse. There could have been a harmonica involved in the performance and I could be listening to a muffled version of the "Perfect Strangers" theme song all afternoon.

I have no earthly idea how to end this entry so I think I'll go with "abruptly".

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