Thursday, October 15, 2015

A mid-life crisis quote from someone else

I'm working on a poem so I have no creative energy to lend here today. But BEDO demands. Here's a quote from one of my favorite authors, Gary Shteyngart which was clearly pieced together from various parts of my heart. Enjoy.

"I think of my mother and father. Of their constant anxiety. But their anxiety means they still want to live. A year shy of forty, I feel life entering its second half. I feel my life folding up. I sense the start of that great long leave-taking. I think of myself on the subway platform at Union Square. I am invisible, just a short obstacle others have to get around. Sometimes I wonder: Am I already gone? And then I think of my wife and I feel the whoosh of the number 6 train, the presence of others, the life still within me."

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