Thursday, January 5, 2012

Age discount

I'm getting the distinct impression that this year is going to mired in nostalgia. I can make that call 6 days in. I keep getting reminded of my age everywhere. It isn't all bad. Yesterday I got a discount for being 35. I have never in my life gotten an age related discount, much less one for being in my mid thirties.Thankfully it was phrased in a "this is a young person's discount" and not "this is an AARP discount." Then again I find out little things about people I knew a million years ago(college) and how their lives are propelling forward and how even though mine is too (without me knowing too much about it) I feel like I'm beating on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past. Well, maybe I'm not going to spend hours looking at the end of pier but I get so easily mired in the what ifs of my past. Maybe it is New Year's residue. What an abominable holiday.  Anyway, here's a crappy poem:

I'm not old, anymore.
I'm young, with absences.
I know this because
I floor sometimes
when things tend to happen
like you arriving, unbidden
in a dream 17 years after I knew you,

then my brain is sous vide.
I'm young, just cooked
from the inside out.
I'd listen for your wheels,
you'd knock on my door.
And really when that's all
that happens in the dream

I know I'm not old, anymore.
I'm young, but deciduous
the last apple on the tree
untimely cored,

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