Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Je regarde, J'ai lu, J'écoute

What I'm immersing my brain in the first few days of the year:

I finally got around to buying Louis CK's Live at the Beacon Theater this weekend. I was prompted to do so after reading that after charging only $5 per download, he made a million dollars. He then announced he was donating most of it to charity. I watched it twice, rewinding many parts. Oh Louis CK, you make me throb.

The second season of Downton Abbey airs this weekend so I have successfully rewatched it in preparation. It loses nothing the second time around. I remember only recently watching season one just this past fall. It was so enthralling that I woke up very early on one of my days off to watch the last three episodes. By early, I mean I was awake at 6am because I had watched the previous episode late the night before. I think I can safely say that at the moment, Downton Abbey is my jump off. I am a sucker for class related British television dramas with a cast of familiar faces. Sometimes I think there are only ten or so actors in the UK and four of them are Maggie Smith.

As quoted in my previous post I am reading a book by Woody Allen called Mere Anarchy which is really just a collection of freaking hilarious essays. I won't lie, I have to read it with a dictionary next to me because Allen is a lexicon lynx but had it not been for him, I would not today know the definitions of words like quincunx, poltroon or zuzim. Nor would I have laughed so heartily at a story about a man who bargains with a tailor on Saville Row over a suit made of fabric that smells of fresh baked rolls.  Reading this book is the first very enjoyable step on the road to reading at least half of the books I own. I have in the last five years or so, accumulated more books for my home collection than I can possibly read at the moment. So I will attempt to make a dent in the collection so I can impress all of my gentlemen callers when they come to call on me.

On heavy repeat in my car, in my bedroom, the other day in my shower is Tom Waits' Bad As Me. I already have various story ideas that take place on the ledge of at least three of the songs on that album. And by "stories" I mean vast epics that unfold through my brain each time the songs play. That isn't difficult with Tom Waits by the way, since I imagine he writes and sings every song as a different character from a different time. I just wish Tom Waits was a musician for hire so I could have him stand in my living room and sing while I smoke cigarettes at my typewriter and drink bourbon. Nevermind that I neither smoke cigarettes, own a typewriter nor drink bourbon.

As a matter of fact, could we get Tom Waits,Woody Allen, Louis CK and the cast of Downton Abbey (specifically the actor who plays Thomas) to come over and entertain/engage me for at least three weeks?

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