Monday, January 2, 2012

Part test/Part quote

I am trying to syndicate my blog with my facebook or some crap so I'm testing this out to see if pressing all the clicky buttons worked. Just so this isn't a total waste, here's a quote from a book I'm reading:

It is said Dostoyevsky wrote for money to sponsor his lust for the roulette tables of St. Petersburg. Faulkner and Fitzgerald too leased their gifts to ex-schmatte moguls who stacked the Garden of Allah with scriveners brought west to spitball box-office reveries. Apocryphal or not, the mollifying lore of geniuses who temporarily mortgaged their integrity gamboled around my cortex some months ago when the phone rang as I was adrift in my apartment trying to tickle from my muse a worthy theme for that big book I must one day write. 
--"This Nib for Hire", Mere Anarchy by Woody Allen

So let's see if syndicating this thingy to my other thingy worked.

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