Monday, January 30, 2012

A few things on a moony Monday.

I was just in a dollar store. At the very back of said dollar store were two men aggressively spraying the air freshners into each other's faces. It reminded me of that part in The Catcher in the Rye when Holden looks out of a window and sees two people spitting water at each other's faces. Unlike Holden, I was not turned on by this but rather quickly made my purchase and left the store to the air freshner huffers of the world. It is their pueblo now.

They looked absolutely nothing like this.

I also just spent about an hour and a half making a playlist for my ipod comprised of songs that make me want to be in love. This is because I met someone who literally makes me giddy and that event, so rare in my long days on long island really calls for a playlist.

I got a decaffinated chai tea from my local coffee shop but I am left suspiciously wide awake. Was I lied to? Is there any recourse whatsoever?

Yesterday I gave F for Fake yet another rewatch. I am inspired by Oja Kodar's dress as she saunters around the streets. I actually found something similar but have neither the legs nor the gumption to pull it off. Also, why don't they make them like Orson Welles anymore? I mean is it really too much to ask?

I have to go now and find out why exactly my cat must dump all her food on the floor, one kibble at a time. I'm going to try to debate the merits of doing this vs. eating from the bowl as served, though she generally rebuts by falling asleep on my lap.


  1. cats are so weird sometimes! nature's little OCD patients.

    1. completely. i tend to think she feels a sense of accomplishment if she chases her food around the apartment for a bit.