Thursday, May 16, 2013

Finish your website

Here's a blog post that serves two purposes.

Purpose one: To gush over the talents of my sister who used to photograph things all the time: people, places, things that caught her eye on the way to work. Anything was up for photographs. In fact, last year she started a tumblr wherein she posted one picture for everyday. Here is one of my favorites:

 I don't know where this is from or how she came across it but it is beautiful in its deformity. It could be from decades ago or yesterday. It could be real or imagined. It makes me want to write a poem. So many of her photos are like this.

Like this:

Or this:

Or this:

Purpose two: To publicly shame my sister for starting (and being relatively consistent with updating) a year long project to post photographs everyday and for STOPPING ON NOVEMBER 12. Like, really? You are going to do allll of that work and not finish a scant six weeks of work? I have harassed her about finishing this weekly, if not daily but to no avail. Mayhaps this public shaming will light a fire under her ass? I don't know. She did give me permission to do so I have chosen yet another day of blog every day May to do it.


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