Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday's Five Utterly Random Things

Friday Five

1) I stopped at the supermarket on my way into work today to buy my usual utter randomness (if you must know I needed to buy a bag of the cheapest coffee I could find for an office party, two oranges, a box of brownies and, for good measure and as a testament to the power of an end cap display, a box of Little Debbie Zebra Cakes on sale...these are all for an office "breakfast"). Actually now that I look back on the list, it isn't quite as random as I thought since it was all food items. The woman in front of me was buying pudding mix, cat litter and shampoo so she wins the morning. The brand name of the brownies I bought was  "Jimmy's" and as the cashier rung me up she said "I got these for my husband because his name is Jimmy." I know she was just trying to make conversation but I hadn't had any coffee yet and I literally did not know how to respond to that. So I just let out a croak that was supposed to be a laugh but it sounded too awkward to be construed as a laugh so in embarrassment I just said "Wow, that's so interesting." When that is your response to something as banal as what she said, you automatically sound insincere. So she stopped talking to me and started jabbing at the keys on the register. I have to assume she thought I was a bitch. I kinda am. I guess the point of number one is that I should stop going to the supermarket early in the morning.

2) I have decided to train my hair to not need shampoo so much anymore. This really only involves not washing your hair more than once a week in order to "train" your hair follicles to be self sufficient and not rely on products so much. The process is "painful" in that while your hair is unwashed, you run the risk of looking like a dirty, dirty homeless person or a greased up rat. I'm somewhere in the middle of the two. The good thing about it all is that as my hair gets greasier and greasier, it holds its position more. Who knew that washing your hair everyday was bad for it? Who was the genius who told us otherwise? Why do we always do everything so ass backwards in this world?

3) I saw something on television the other day about 3-D printers. Apparently it is possible to print out human tissue through a process called bioprinting. Just let that marinate in your brain for a moment. We have the technology and capability to print out human tissue. The printer will layer living cells into a mold and apparently the cells will bond and begin to grow when left in an incubator. They have printed out ears and blood vessels. They can use this tissue to test out new drugs for effects and side effects. They have tried printed out ear implants in animals apparently and are awaiting results in order to begin human trials. People are always bitching about not having flying cars, as we were promised in the Jetsons. I think scientists are well within their rights to say something along the lines of "Oh, geez. We're so sorry we haven't been able to invent flying cars yet because we were too busy FIGURING OUT HOW TO PRINT HUMAN TISSUE."

4) I recently fell victim to the old trap "Judging a book by its cover." Whilst scrolling through the facebook page of one of my favorite local restaurants, I saw a photo of a band that is scheduled to play there in August. I quite literally thought "I really like the lead singer's haircut. I wonder what they sound like." Aribtrary and ridiculous? Yes. A happy accident? Definitely.

5) I made a brilliant decision today. I decided to eat bagels and bread for sustenance in the morning and afternoon just in time for trying on bathing suits. Go me!


  1. I chose to comment here!

    1: aren't all grocery shops random??
    2: I've cut waaaay back on hair-washing - I am not quite down to once a week but getting close!
    3. Ewwwww.

    1. Yes! All grocery stores are random but I truly enjoy the randomness of other people's items, especially at certain times of the day!

      Tomorrow will make day 5 of unwashed hair and when I was visiting with my mother earlier she was all "yeah. wash your hair now." I might take her advice. Still, 5 days is no small feat for me!

      Ew on the printing of human tissue? No way! It is so freaking cool!