Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Pacifier Made of Resignation

I've already solicited some people to do guest blogs (glogs) for me so everyone should calm the hell down. And by "everyone" I mean me. I should calm the hell down.

I finished up that coffee table book about Hollywood I mentioned a few posts back, the one with the Bette Davis advice letters. What happened is what usually happens when I read about old Hollywood, I get nostalgic. And it is a stupid kind of nostalgia, considering I have never been to Hollywood, much less lived there in ye olden golden days of the Chateau Marmont and the Chaplins of the world. Something about looking at metallic photographs of unbelievably elegant faces makes me pine for a different time. This might be past life regression. Or just stupidity. I'll leave that up to the pundits. (?)

My foul mood of yesterday has abated. As with most of my foul moods, I resign myself to whatever assyness is going on with work and become calmer in the resignation. I'm like a baby with a pacifier made of resignation; it isn't mother's milk but it will stem the desire to scream.

And speaking of the desire to scream, I just read an article about a teenaged girl who recently became a vegetarian and as such, she diligently reads the labels of everything she eats. She discovered that the energy drink she was about to have had brominated vegetable oil in it. I have never heard of this. Neither had she so she researched it (a girl after my own heart). She discovered it was an unnecessary additive found in a couple brands of soda and energy drinks to "prevent separation" of flavors. She also discovered that it has been tested and directly linked to neurological disorders and altered thyroid hormones. Um, what now?

Click here for the article. And if you are anything like me, you'll be outraged that legal loopholes allow companies to add this shit to your drinks, then you'll be sad that you can no longer entertain soda as a vice, then you'll say fuck it, at least alcohol is organic.

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