Saturday, December 8, 2012

Too soon?

My schedule this weekend necessitates me writing another blog entry so soon after my last tour de force. By tour de force, I mean I was half asleep with my cat walking across the keyboard. Creativity is painful. In any case, it feels too soon for another post. But whatever. You can stop reading now if you are so inclined.

I woke up late today, not having a chance to make or drink coffee, not having a chance to pack lunch and seeing as I'm headed straight to the city after work, this posed a problem. That was until I made the joyous discovery of mountains beyond mountains of leftover food from the staff holiday party last night! It's kind of like the universe is cradling me in its loving arms and saying "No, no. Sleep an extra hour today. I'll make sure you are caffeinated and fed later. Shhhh, that's right. Just sit still and let me do something totally underhanded later. Like fart on your dreams." Always the optimist.

Tonight after work I'm going to Lauren's annual Christmas party. I have been going to this party for five years now, with one brief interruption during an especially bad blizzard in 2009. This year it has the theme of ugly sweaters. I found an especially fetching green sweater VEST that I will be sporting and mayhaps photographing and sharing but only time can tell. I don't exactly know what it is about sweater vests that make them seem unfinished, extemporaneous almost. Like the intention was to BE a whole sweater but it got tired midway through. I don't know for certain.What I do know for certain is that I will enjoy this party no matter what I'm waring. I always enjoy the hell out of these parties with the one exception being the year I took my ex boyfriend as a guest and I felt like I was babysitting him the whole time. Mental note: never date anyone who can't function socially. It just isn't fun. However, now that I am single, which is really my natural state of existing, I have nothing but high hopes for this party and every other party that follows it.

Other than that, I got absolutely nothing. Nothing but two hours left until I hurdle myself onto the Southern State Parkway along the congested, traffic stalled path toward the city of my heart and soul. I hope your Saturday is fun, drunken, and or at least festive.

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