Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Definitely not a New Year's resolution blog

Watching "The Dark Knight Rises" I'm reminded of my lifelong dream of being a standout extra in a major motion picture. I have always wanted to be the extra that has a line that stands out amidst all the action of a superhero movie or the funniest line in a comedy (think "I'll have what she's having" from "When Harry Met Sally"). What does it say about me that I never had aspirations to be the star, never wanted to be the quirky sidekick, never even wanted to be the first one to die in a horror movie. Just that one line delivery and I'd be done, forever committed to the annals of film history. Do extras with lines ever get invited to the premiere?

Today was a rather hum drum day. There wasn't much to do at work and it was just one of those days when I longed for even a small window in my office. I suppose that would qualify as a first world problem. Anyway, I'd likely be even more distracted than I normally am if there were a window for me to constantly stare out of. Ah, distraction. Did I mention I've been reading the same two books for about two months now? This has to be a record for me. I am almost entirely incapable of finishing books lately. I blame Michael Chabon. Not really, he's a fine writer. I blame myself. And my iPhone. And this day and age. Hold on while I shake my fist at society and go "ohhh youuuuu!"

I'm going to take some steps to alleviate this distraction. Blogging every day this month is one of those steps. Believe it or not (I wouldn't blame me if you didn't actually believe me) committing to myself out loud to write a blog entry every day in succession for a set amount of time actually works for me. And the main result is that I find myself actually concentrating on doing something every day. I know this is a bit elementary but for a brain as addled as mine has become, this is milestone territory.

Another step I'm going to take is yoga. I have an on/off again relationship with yoga but it is the classic story of me being actually in love with something but denying it so I don't have to do the work necessary or risk anything. (This is starting to sound like a blog about my love life.) But in all seriousness, I am going to get serious about yoga. This will necessitate me doing yet another step which is: being a little better about how and where and when I spend my  money. When I had my previous journal, one of the tags I had for my posts was entitled "Money aka the bane of my existence" and it was heavily used. I've never been "bad" with money. I'd prefer to use the term "frivolous". I really truly want to attempt to use my money on the betterment of my soul and my mind as opposed to the betterment of my wardrobe. This particular attempt will likely fail, but I don't say that because I'm a natural pessimist. I say it only because it has always failed in the past.

I'd also love to volunteer somewhere OTHER than an independent movie theater that really isn't volunteering since I get something out of it. I'm not entirely to blame for my lack of being a good citizen on this front. I work long hours and when I'm not working I'm drunk and there aren't many worthwhile organizations that would have me on my off hours anyway. Maybe I could "volunteer" at a bar??

Now today's entry is starting to sound like a New Year's resolution blog. And I don't make resolutions anymore, but that's only because I usually get too distracted to see them through....oh, I see what is happening.

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