Friday, August 17, 2012

An utter failure

I'm in the last stretch of Gone Girl and I am itching to finish it but it would be in bad form to sit in my office reading while my coworkers work (or pretend to) especially so considering I will be on vacation all of next week. So it sits atop my desk, all plot twists unanswered until I get a damn moment.

I want to thank Nancy for glogging for me yesterday. The story she told is 100% true and I cannot believe it was nine years ago! I AM OLD. However, talented, witty, sweet, genuine people? My life is full of them and I am blessed, always.

This post started out much more substantive earlier this afternoon. However, I am home from many vodkas and I am in possession of a new iPhone. Therefore, this post will be utterly useless. But the important thing is, I made the deadline. Much better tomorrow.



  1. I would like to borrow that when you're done (Gone Girl, not your new phone).

  2. I would like to lend it to you but I got it from the LIEberry!