Tuesday, August 21, 2012

NYC is art

Today I feature a photograph by my insanely talented sister, Lorraine.  Since I'm currently staying at her apartment for the evening, I decided to ask her to select a photo from her many and to tell me a little bit about it. So, here it is:

22 Apr 2012

This photo was taken outside her apartment's living room window. The living room window overlooks a central courtyard and these windows are colorful entryways to the surrounding apartments. Images like this are quintessential New York City for me and I'm struck by this photo. When I asked Lorraine what her inspriation was behind taking this she told me it was late at night and she was looking for a picture to take for her photo of the day. (She has been doing a project that has her taking a photo a day for the year 2012 and can be found here.) The windows had all been illuminated at that very moment and she wanted to capture that feeling of wondering what went on in the neighboring apartments. I think there is an air of mystery here as well as something even Rothko-y. I love it.