Friday, August 10, 2012

Tornado Friday

We just had a staff barbecue (in the middle of a downpour) which is an annual event to commemorate the ending of summer and the influx of a bunch of snotty college grads into law school for a new semester. We also run this charity program and this barbecue is usually the celebration and awards and all the blah blah that goes along with that. It was strongly recommended that we all be in attendance and so we were. We also have guest speakers during this event, often our local congresspeople and this one man who has a very, very red face and a shock of snow white hair. I don't ever catch his name nor what he really does because I am always way to distracted by what he looks like. I do know that he must be a politician or in some position of power because no matter what he says, people sound like they are patronizing him and laughing at all his jokes.

Anyway, apparently while I was wasting away in my office, the building had evacuated to the basement due to an impending tornado. Only they forgot to tell anyone on the 2nd floor. So yeahhh, I suppose I should be comforted that a) there turned out not to be a tornado and b) I would not have died alone.

In about ten minutes I'm going to volunteer at my local art house theater. From what I understand, I'll be handing out popcorn and, perhaps at the pinnacle of importance, I'll be able to see the film for free. I'm not even entirely certain what the film tonight is, but I enjoy a nice surprise, like a tornado warning from nowhere.

I may or may not have something of substance to report later or tomorrow.

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