Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue Moon Blah

I sincerely wish that the last entry for August would find me travelling the world as a spy, or heading to Paris to close on my apartment or heading out to dinner with Michael Fassbinder after he's bought my screenplay. However, I am sitting in my quiet apartment on a Friday night, reading Frank O'Hara poems and for refreshingly once, I don't feel a pressing need to be elsewhere. At this one perfect moment, I am content.

I have not yet taken a retrospective look at the past month's entries. In truth I only half remember anything I wrote this month and apparently have saved my more vivid memories for the two glogs this month. I know that it felt good to have an assignment to complete everyday (though, admittedly, I phoned it in for a few of those but that's only because I have a drinking problem. Ish.) and that overall, I have been writing more this month than I have all year. I was really hoping that would happen since there are a lot of projects I needed to finish/start/progress. August was a creatively rich month for me and I think that contributes to this contentment. 

Then again, tonight is a blue moon so I could very well be experiencing rarity on this singular of all nights just because.

If you are reading this and have read this blog before, I thank you. If you are so inclined, message me or comment here or if you've linked over from facebook comment over there. It means a lot to me to hear from anyone who reads this because it can tend to feel like a one sided conversation sometimes. If you are writing something yourself and want to share, please let me know because I would love to read it and link your blog here. I'm well aware that the communities that build up around blogs/youtube channels and other creative outlets can be rewarding and I guess I'd like to get in all that. 

As for now, I'm tapped out. I am blogged rotten and need a short respite. But I read somewhere that it takes 28 days to form most habits. This may have become a habit. I suppose in terms of habits, it could be worse.


  1. I hope you continue. I love your blog! It sounds like you're having a wonderfully contented evening in any case.

  2. I also read everything you write on this blog. You have such a command of the written word. For what its worth, I am very proud.