Sunday, August 19, 2012

Short and sweet Sunday

Today was a rather lazy day during which a lot of shopping was accomplished. I spent some QT with Marianne and we got her some nice preggo dresses. Preggo dresses differ from normal dresses in that they are inexplicably rare and often more expensive than should be allowed. Seriously, why don't more stores carry maternity clothes? I don't get it.

We then picked up Rob to dine at one my favorite places on the island, Grey Horse Tavern which also happens to be the location of a special photography exhibit in which my sister has a few pieces. Here's a photo of the exhibit with my tiny head in the corner.

I had an amazing dinner, as is usual when I eat there. The highlights were a curry lentil soup and the fried pickles. I also had a caipirinha (or two) and an overall lovely end to a Sunday. I wish I had something more substantive to say but what with my week off finally here, all I have on my brain are long days full of nothing in particular to do and I am loving every non-planned second.

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